Fashionista Sylvia Nduati Talks Style, Fashion Interests

October 26, 2020

Sylvia Nduati is an accountant by training and a fashionista known for her bold fashion choices and simple hairstyles. She owns online fashion store, Cutopia Trends.

Describe your style?

Simple, but aesthetically pleasing. I always go for simple wardrobe pieces that are easy to pair.

Moreover, most of the pieces are in neutral colours, which means that the pairing is no longer work, but fun.

How has your style evolved over time?

I used to be obsessed with fads. I would chase whatever fad came knocking not caring about my body type or my taste and preferences.

Now, I am more confident in myself; I have learnt to dress my petite body without bowing to what social media and society think should be fashionable.

What was the inspiration behind starting Cutopia Trends?

I have always believed that fashion pieces do not have to be expensive for them to be stylish.

With Cutopia Trends, I hope to help people find stylish dresses, tees, sneakers, and just about any good fashion pieces that can be versatile additions in your wardrobe.

Do you have style icons that you look up to?

Yes, I do. Bella Hadid and Gaga Hadid are just so fashionable; whether walking the red carpet or just doing a gym run.

They are not afraid of just being themselves and dressing up or down depending on the situation or their mood.

Your go to lazy day outfit?

Sweat pants and hoodies. They are both so comfy and a match made in heaven.

I can always elevate this lazy outfit to a classy run for groceries outfit with a pair of hop earrings and heels.

What can’t you live the house without?

My eyebrows, just kidding. My perfume; several are on rotation at the moment and of course confidence to take on the day.

Your best fashion buy is…

Some cute jeans I got from Aliexpress a year ago. I have worn them so much that I am surprised they have not given in yet.

Which fashion trend would you wish to forget?

The bell-bottom and colour-blocking. I know our parents really rocked bell-bottoms and even managed to look stylish in them, but I feel that we should leave that success to them.

Colour-blocking if done right can be quite stunning, but most people end up looking like clowns.

Are there pieces of clothing you think every woman should have?

A pair of fitting jeans—both low rise to accentuate the booty and high rise to show off the flat stomach or give the illusion of one.

The little black dress though overhyped should also be a staple; it is the one thing that one can pick up on any day for either a glamorous outfit or a simple look depending on how one accessorises.

In your opinion, what makes a man stylish?

How he pairs his different outfit pieces and how confidently he wears them.

It is really not about the prices of the pieces or even labels; I know guys who love big brands, but still cannot put together an outfit.

There is something about a man who wears fitting clothes that suit his physique; it makes him effortlessly chic.

Give us a free style advice.

‘Self confidence’ is the best outfit. Rock it. Own it. It costs you nothing; just wear any outfit you have in your closet with a dash of confidence.

Whoever said confidence is attractive never lied. It is definitely the one thing you should never leave the house without.

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