Chris Kaiga Accuses Safaricom Of Copyright Infringement Over ‘Zimenice’, ‘Chain Chain’

October 13, 2020

Giant telco Safaricom may have a case to answer after Nairobi-based rapper Chris Kaiga accused it of infringing on his creative work.

According to the ‘Bundaz’ hitmaker, Safaricom illegally used phrases off his song titles: “Zimenice” and “Chain Chain”. He says less than a year ago, the telco ran a promotion for its Blaze Data bundle using “Zimenice! Zimenice, Zangu Zimenice.”

Kaiga adds that Safaricom are currently running another campaign dubbed “SMS Ziende Chain Chain”.

It’s high time @SafaricomPLC got called out for infringing on my creative works! Less than a year ago they ran a campaign dubbed “Zimenice Zimenice zangu Zimenice na blaze by Safaricom” which I hold the registered Trademark and copyrights to the song,” said Kaiga in a tweet on Sunday.

He added: “Now, they are running another campaign dubbed “SMS Ziende Chain Chain” without reference to me. Is this the arrogance of market dominance or just utter disrespect for Kenyan creatives? Something needs to be done!”

While Chris Kaiga did not indicate if he would be seeking legal redress, his grievances divided opinion on social media, with the majority saying he should be compensated.

Others argued that Kaiga only holds the copyright to his songs and not the phrases.

The hitmaker, however, noted that: “I’m the trademark owner of Zimenice.”

Safaricom was yet to respond to the singer’s accusations at the time of publishing.

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