Rue Baby Says Fans Trolled Her Believing MCA Tricky Had Dumped Her

September 8, 2020

Singer Akothee’s model daughter Rue Baby has finally addressed persistent rumors that she is dating comedian Francis Munyao alias MCA Tricky.

Speaking during an appearance on the Chat Spot, Rue Baby cleared the air saying they are only good friends who work on skits together. She explained that neither of them ever announced that they were an item.

Tricky and I are friends. We are just good friends and I’d say its just skits most of the time. Hakuna mahali mmeona ameniita girlfriend. Hakuna mahali tumesema it’s official,” she said.

Rue also recalled how netizens flooded her social media pages believing that MCA Tricky had dumped her for another girl he did skits with.

There’s a time he did a skit about 2 months ago na msichana mwingine hapo and then my Facebook was full. People on Facebook hawana filter my comment section was just full of that girl’s photos ati “kwani umeachwa? woiyee aki pole usijali”. Tricky and I are just friends. Good friends. We just do skits together and that’s it,” she said.

Asked if she is currently seeing someone, Rue Baby remained coy on her relationship status saying it could get her into trouble with her mum.

Nikisema naweza pigwa labda Madam Boss anawatch wacha tu I leave that one hanging. You know mothers,” she said.

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