Nyashinski: How I Found Myself Back in Music

September 25, 2020

Rapper Nyashinki recounted his journey back to doing music after he quit and moved to the US in search of greener pastures.

The ‘Wach Wach’ hitmaker was part of the popular rap group Kleptomaniax before he relocated to Delaware, USA with his family. Speaking on the premiere episode of his YouTube channel, Nyashinski said the pastures weren’t as green in the US.

“When we moved abroad, I had completely quit music. I was working back in the States as a truck driver, I used to drive a lorry, trying to survive,” he said.

After two years in Delaware, the rapper moved to Michigan.

“That experience taught me a lot. Two things that were life-changing for me back then was one, when I was here, I was a star,” he said.

“People recognised me everywhere and we were doing what we loved. I moved from a place where I was known and getting a bit of favours here and there to a place where no one knows me. No special treatment and you must work because you have to eat.”

Nyashinki also lamented leading a lonely life in the US.

“That was coupled with the fact I was used to having people around me to a lonely life of driving a truck,” he said.

“There you are alone for over 16 hours. You only stop to fuel, sleep, shower and use the bathroom. So you find yourself enjoying small conversations with people you meet for five minutes. At least it was away from that cage.”

According to the ‘Malaika’ hitmaker, the lonely long-distance drives made him think about his life and struggles.

“I accepted that this is my life,” he said.

However, after much introspection, Nyashinski said he was living a life that was not using his intelligence or exerting his passion and purpose.

“So back in the States, my friend told me to just go in the studio and exert that pressure as a lyricist,” he said.

“I did not have to release the songs. But I found myself listening to a beat, creating a song and wanting to perfect it and then I want people to listen. That is how I found myself back into the music world and came back home.”

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