“It Doesn’t Make Sense” – DCI Kinoti Reacts To Senator Malala’s ‘Police Hit squad’ Allegations

September 15, 2020

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti on Monday said he was shocked by allegations leveled against his office by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

On Monday morning, Malala while appearing before two Senate Committees, sensationally claimed five officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had been assigned to assassinate him.

In an emotional presentation to the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, Malala broke down in tears as he further denied claims that he stage-managed his dramatic arrest on August 17.

“Nobody is willing to give me security Mr. Chair. It is sad for me to walk around the streets of Kakamega and Kenya knowing that I’m going to die the next day. I humbly request this committee and the Inspector General of Police to take action.”

“I have said time and again my life is in danger. I have written enough letters and called offices in this Republic but they have not taken any action even to give me extra security,” Malala cried.

But appearing before the Senate, DCI Kinoti downplayed Malala’s claims that a secret and specialized squad unit code-named ‘Bravo Zulu Yankee’ had been formed to assassinate him.

“Why would we allocate all those resources to assassinate you for a Covid-19 offence? It does not make any sense at all,” said Kinoti.

The DCI boss acknowledged receiving a picture of the alleged policemen saying he had never seen such people and they are ready to carry out an ID parade to identify them.

“The senator sent me a picture of five men who purportedly want to kill him. If they are existing ..we are ready to do an ID parade,” he said.

Adding: “.. let this matter be subjected to independent investigations. We are ready to submit ourselves and accord any assistance to these investigations because we are the accused.”

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