Churchill Comedienne Laments Losing Sh100K To YouTube Hacker

September 1, 2020

Churchill Show comedienne Nasra Yusuf Mohamed is counting losses after her YouTube channel was hacked.

Sharing her ordeal on Instagram Sunday, the comedian said she trusted someone with her account login in details but the unnamed person shortchanged her.

“I’m sad today, very sad?????some people are heartless ???????aki I worked so hard to get 53k subscribers on my YouTube channel. I at times did content while I was sick, I dedicated 99% of my time creating content for my fans who are always supportive, but mtu akaamua tu anitese when I was about to taste the fruits of my labor ??????…” wrote Nasra.

She acknowledged that she made a mistake trusting her swindler, who made away with her entire month’s pay.

“I made a mistake, I trusted someone with my login details only for the person to disappoint me!…I wanted to expose the name and handle of the person but I’m too good to harm anyone, even when they harm me!…yaani all my hard work has been benefiting someone else? account HAS BEEN HACKED by someone who is very intelligent…the person didn’t change my login details, they didn’t change my name, they didn’t do anything to raise an alarm..all they did was make me work hard on the channel so that it benefits them…right now I only have access to the channel kupost video tu, nothing else???? just last month, I made the hacker a whooping 100k??,” she lamented.

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Adding: “Hio Ni pesa ingenisaidia kutoa wedding gown Dubai aki? like for real, I’m so hurt…for those who noticed, I stopped posting content since 2 weeks ago ju enyewe pia ww unaweza choka? I was confused…I thought about the 50k subs I made and the thought of starting again nikaskia kukufa…”

Nasra said she has een forced to start afresh with a new account and called on fans to support her.

“But guess what gave me the strength to get back up? YOU!…you my fans…Ni nyinyi mlinifikisha hapo ju ya love !..mbona nisifike tena? mbona adui afaidike na bado mko hapa??..I’m requesting you guy in my humblest voice to kindly subscribe to my new Chanel me get back on my feet again…I know we can do this!..Leo naomba 5k pekee…hio tu imagine???hao 45k wengine we will get them as we go on… I’LL ALWAYS RISE UP AGAIN AS LONG AS I HAVE YOU!…link on my bio.??? Pia post on your pages,help me create awareness ❤️? I’ll soon just delete my other Chanel.??????pia be careful on who you trust!.. especially vitu za social media! ASANTENI!…” she concluded.

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