‘Advise Your Own Wife!’ DJ Mo Slams Fan Over Size 8 Bikini PHOTO

September 3, 2020

Gospel music mix master DJ Mo was forced to defend his wife’s honour after she stepped out in a bikini while on vacation.

DJ Mo had shared a photo of Size 8 to his Instagram over the weekend, sparking mixed reactions from some of his 1.6 million followers on the platform.

He captioned the snap: “Huyu ni wa Topa and she can’t swim na kitenge ?. Unaweza sana babe ???.”

While a majority of fans were in awe of Size 8’s cute bikini, a section of the usual “holier-than-thous” criticised her dressing terming it indecent for a gospel singer.

One follower in particular, identified as Kong’ani, wrote: “That picture for a gospel musician is a total shame, bro. Please delete.”

“The swimming kit is cool, but she is not just a gospel artiste, she is God’s servant, and this is a total shame if she can be seen in public looking like this.”

This forced a reaction out of DJ Mo, who slammed the “fan” telling him to advise his own wife instead.

“Kong’ani malingu, advise your wife, bro….. Stuff of God you can’t teach me, I know better.”

The ‘Crossover 101’ show resident DJ says he posted the photo intentionally to shut naysayers up.

“You can’t live for people and what they are saying about you,” he said.

“When people put their pictures or videos on social media, that means they are very comfortable with who they are. So any person who thinks they can use that time to body shame or put their hate, it is very wrong.”

At the same time, DJ Mo urged Kenyans to support creatives in whichever industry they are in instead of hating.

“With all the hate, we are killing our industry. If you notice, there is nothing different in our secular and gospel industries. If you keep on saying gospel is dead, even the secular industry what are they doing? Hakuna kitu wanafanya,” he said.

“So may our fans learn to support Kenyan creatives. That is my message. Whatever industry a person is, let us learn to support them.”

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