5+ Best African Safari Specials Post-Covid-19 (Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg, Cape Town, Kenya, Nigeria)

September 7, 2020

Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park, with its expanse of around two million hectares on the North-East side of South Africa, features pristine wilderness inhabited by a great variety of incredible animal species living undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Guests to the Kruger Park have a choice in numerous Safari Packages which offer an unforgettable experience of the South African Wild, and not merely just a holiday getaway.

* 6-day Panorama tour and a self-drive Kruger National Park Safari
* 5-day Wildlife Safari and Cultural experience
* 4-day Kruger Guided Walking Safari
* 3-day Classic Kruger Safari
* 3-day Green Kruger Safari, and
* 3-Day Classic Tented Safari.


In the Bojanala Region in the Western Province, merely two hours’ drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria lays the Pilanesberg National Park.

As the fourth largest National Park in South Africa, the Pilanesberg National Park features a great variety of fauna and flora contained in and across a spectacular landscape located in the crater of a long extinct volcano.

There are rocky outcrops, open grasslands, wooded valleys, and thickets along with the variety of animals that inhabit the area.

This stunning and unique part of South Africa can be explored with a:

* 3-day 4 Star Pilanesberg Safari.
* 6-day Sun City and Pilanesberg Safari.
* 10-day South Africa Family Vacation and Safari.
* 3-day Eco Friendly 5 Star Exclusive Pilanesberg Safari
* 3-day Pilanesberg Luxury Safari to Tambuti Private Lodge.
* 4-day Pilanesberg Bush Dash.
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Cape Town

Known as the ‘Mother City’ of South Africa, most tourists from around the world are attracted by Cape Town’s urban flair and the vibrant nightlife which is offered, but there are however numerous safari packages offered which provide a real African wildlife experience.

* The Aquila Game Reserve Wildlife Safari.
* Big-Five Safari tour from Cape Town.
* 5-day Garden Route with Addo National Park Small Group Tour.
* 3-day Garden Route Tour with 4X4 Safari.
* 2-day Private Western Cape Wildlife Safari Tour.
* Inverdoorn Safari Tour.
* Full-day guided safaris from Cape Town to surrounding reserves.
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Some of the first wildlife Safaris ever took place in Kenya in the early 1930s and to this day Kenya is still one of the countries in Africa that offer the most exquisite safaris and tours into unexplored wilderness which is teeming with magnificent wild animals.

Kenya Samburu Safari Tours
Amboseli and Tsavo Safari Tours
* 7-day Northern and Southern Kenya Savannah Private Safari
* 7-day Kenya’s Pride Safari
* 4-day Masai Mara-Lake Nakuru Adventure
* 7-day Tazama Classic Kenya Safari, and
* 5-day Luxury Safari in Masai Mara
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The unique diversity of Nigeria is unmatched where nature, wild animals, various bird species, and breath-taking coasts are concerned.

This vibrant West African country offers numerous holiday experiences no matter what adventures guest seek. Safari and tour packages not only meet but exceed guests’ expectations.

Yankari Safari Tour.
* 4-day Gumti National Park Tour.
* Lost Kingdoms 12-day tour.
* Jungle Adventure – Cross River National Park.
* Adventure to Olumo Rock.
* Exploration tours in Abuja and Lagos.

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