Terence Creative Opens Up On Gambling Away Rent, Car and Land Money

August 20, 2020

Internet comedy sensation Lawrence Macharia better known as Terence Creative squandered millions of cash at the height of his gambling addiction.

Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o on YouTube, Terence said he was addicted to casino gambling and once won Sh 650k but ended up losing it all.

“There’s how casinos entice you when you’re winning, and you would not know the time when using the slot machines. When I won Sh650k, I asked myself ‘How far am I from a million?’ So I went on gambling. I got home with around Sh2,000,” recalled Terence.

His addiction was so bad he gambled away money set aside for rent, his first car, and his first parcel of land.

“I gambled rent, our first car money and our first land money. Those are things I look back and ask God to never take me back. We would have been very prosperous at the moment if it were not for gambling,” he added.

Terence noted that his addiction greatly affected his marriage, with his biggest loss being about Sh1.2 million.

“Gambling affected my marriage, I was a heavy gambler, casinos were comfortable, they normally give you food, free liquor, so if you are a frequent gambler, like me, you get good treatment. I gambled because I wanted quick money.

“My biggest loss was Sh1.2 million in three days, my wife and I got a business deal that paid us Sh400,000. I secretly took the money, gambled and lost all of it, I could not go back home for three days, we were to purchase a piece of land with that money, but we didn’t.

“After pay, I would go to the casino and stay there for three days. One day, Chebet my wife came for me and I told the bouncer not to let her in, she stayed out there until 4 am, crying, waiting for me,” he said.

Terence said he appreciates his wife for always having his back.

“Let me say something maybe I’ve not said; I really love my wife because she stood by me through whatever I’ve been through. Marriage is not about perfection but progress. It’s all about support, and I thank her,” he said.

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