PHOTOS – Check Out How Junior Nyong’o, Wanja Wohoro Spent Their Honeymoon

August 5, 2020

Newlyweds Peter Nyong’o Jnr and Wanja Wohoro are well on their way towards their new journey as man and wife after a dreamy honeymoon down at Coastal Kenya.

The younger brother of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and his musician bride said I do on July 30 at a private ceremony held at Zereniti House in Limuru, Kiambu County.

While it was not the wedding that they had originally planned, Wanja said it turned out better than she had imagined.

“You are a fixed point in my universe, and the best friend I’ve ever known. ‘? Not the wedding we planned originally, but ultimately even more perfect and intimate than we could have ever imagined,” the Australian-born singer captioned a couple of her wedding shots.

On his part, the son of Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o posted: “I will walk for miles to water your roots every single day until you are too tall and impossible for anyone to ignore. My strong steadfast Acacia. Ineffable in stature and beauty. The shade of your branches will always be my refuge.”

The lovebirds would later go on their honeymoon, emerging almost a week later after spending some intimate alone time in the peaceful tropical island of Lamu.

Through a post on her Instagram page Tuesday, the ‘Honey’ singer revealed that the newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Shela village, home to the most spectacular beaches on Lamu island.

According to Wanja, “Sun was eaten and food was basked in”. One of the pictures shows Wanja basking her perfect bikini body in the sunshine for some Vitamin D.

Another shot captured the newlyweds who met at a New Year’s event in 2015 enjoying a dhow cruise with a sundowner in hand.

Wanja Wohoro, who relocated to Kenya from Australia just three years ago, said it was her first time in Lamu.

“Sun was eaten, food was basked in. #lamutamu ? ? Never been to Lamu before! Wah. ☀️?,” she wrote.

“Also welcome newcomers! ☀️Very weird and a little startling to come back online after a week. Was so super touched by some of the messages we received and all the beautiful beautiful well-wishing. Y’all are magical ?. To find joy in the middle of such a ridiculous and disappointing and scary year has been just amazing. Feel very loved on all sides in my life and grateful for every drop,” she said, further urging Kenyans to visit Lamu.

“P.S #VisitLamu #LocalTourism they need Kenyans right now, those who are able.”

Check out Junior Nyong’o and Wanja Wahoro’s honeymoon photos below.

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