Meet 19-Year-old Behind Youth Empowerment Instalive Show, Kairu Live

August 10, 2020

Jojakes Nyambura Kairu is a 19-year aspiring journalist who has been running the Kairu Live show for the last 6 months. Kairu has hosted over 30 guests including Fareed Khimani, Adelle Onyango, Willis Raburu and others on the youth mentorship platform.

Here is his story:

What inspired you to start Kairu Live?

I overheard two of my friends asking each other what they would require to do in order to obtain a scholarship to study abroad, this was before the pandemic hit hard and borders were closed. At that time, I thought of a cousin of mine who was studying in Australia on a scholarship and wondered how I could use the connection I had to benefit my friends. It then struck me that I could have an Instagram live session with her so that my two friends and other interested folks could join and ask as many questions as they wanted. After running that session successfully, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this like Jeff Koinange Live,” so I prepared an intro and an outro to give the live sessions a TV show feel. About 5 people texted back thanking me for that chance to ask questions and get answers. I really felt good after helping them. So I did the next one with a friend who was a software developer, and this I shared on all my platforms and WhatsApp groups the response was tremendously good, and as they say, the rest is history.

So the show focuses on careers alone?

Yes. Kairu Live focuses on engaging different industry professionals. They share their experiences with the intent of inspiring, informing and empowering the youth on how to venture into the different industries.

You have interviewed numerous influential guests, how do you source for them?

I get this question a lot, but honestly, it’s all through God opening doors. After the third live show, I started reaching out to people in the limelight, sometimes through social media. I research a lot before requesting a guest to be part of my show, which in part has also worked well for me when it comes to convincing celebrities to spare a bit of their time for Kairu Live.

What challenges have you experienced so far?

My biggest challenge has been equipment, I was using a low-quality phone at the beginning, when it broke down, I started using my mother’s phone for go live. Fortunately, I got a new phone so now I’m just saving up for other equipment. Sourcing for guests has at times also been challenging.

Was there a time you felt like giving up?

Yes but I’m blessed to have very supportive family and friends. They inspired me to keep going.

Mention your most memorable encounter this far?

Seeing my mum’s smile when she saw me interviewing Eric Wainaina and decided to join in and say hi. She’s a big fan of the music icon. That was special, I felt like I had made her proud.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned?

There is a process to prosperity. Most people see the 3 minutes game highlight forgetting that it came from a 90-minute session. Learning all the stories of the successful guests that we don’t get to hear every day made me realize that there are no shortcuts to success.

Where do you go when things feel rough?

I call or talk to Brandy Maina, a really close friend. She always finds a way of lighting up my dark days and making my good days better. I’m a strong sanguine so I really value time with my close and genuine friends, it’s my happy place. Sometimes I just listen to music. And oh! Food, eating makes me feel all better, haha.

What is your ultimate dream?      

To be a successful journalist who has changed and inspired others to be better at their craft. I also dream of having a loving, caring and supportive wife who will hold my hand in this journey of life. Actually it’s the whole reason I’m working hard now. It’s for my future wife to have a great husband and for my kids to have a great father.          

Do you have any mentors?

I have a mentor in every aspect of my life, but career-wise I’d say Willis Raburu who I’m blessed to know personally. Others are Jeff Koinange and Larry Madowo, I learn from following their work. Mentors are really important.

What habits do you have in place that keep you growing?

Watching and reading a lot of interviews and actually seeing and reading news.

What next for KairuLive?

I’ve been working on getting sponsors on board. I must say, things aren’t bad so far.

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