Grace Ekirapa On Calling Off Her Wedding, “I Realised I Was Making A Huge Mistake”

August 19, 2020

Crossover 101 presenter Grace Ekirapa has shared little known details about her past relationships and how close she was to getting married.

Speaking on Chat Spot, Ms Ekirapa recounted calling off her wedding back in 2018. She said she was all set to walk the aisle on her birthday, April 27, barely a month after she held a traditional wedding which was attended by more than 400 people.

According to the NTV presenter, she cancelled the wedding after realizing that she had rushed to get into a relationship with her groom-to-be.

Ekirapa said she had gone through a rough break up back in 2017.

2017 I went through a very rough breakup, something I was in for four years, heading to marriage and it broke. And then the same year I think I was on zombie mode-numb, I got into another relationship and I was heading to marriage. So, 2018 I was supposed to get married on my birthday which was April 27th because I got engaged in February,” she recalled.

The media personality revealed that a week after the traditional wedding in March, she asked God to either give her unconditional love for husband-to-be or the strength to break it off with him.

“In March I had my traditional wedding and then in April, I was to have the wedding. But I realized I was making a huge mistake, I was going to get into something I hadn’t thought through. It wasn’t God’s idea for me, I knew it. I was going to get into something and hurt someone who didn’t need to be hurt,” Ekirapa said.

“I did not see myself living with someone yet I was not fully committed to the marriage. He is a great man. The thing that hurt me was that I was going to put this man through pain because I had been hurt; he did not deserve it. So, I came back [after the 2-day break] and asked him to meet me, and I… broke it off,” she narrated.

According to the TV presenter, she had rushed into the relationship to prove to people that she could get married.

The guy was in love, he was my very good friend but we were not good as a married couple, we were good as friends. But because I had been hurt, I jumped into something, it was a rebound out of pain and I was rebelling; God I have waited kept myself all these years and then it doesn’t happen. I wanted to prove to people I can get married,” she said.

Grace noted that her decision to cancel the wedding did not come without backlash as she was called all sorts of names.

And then hell broke loose, I got backlash from everything and everyone. I was called all kinds of names. People didn’t understand but they had an opinion,” she said.

“No one knew what I was going through, no one cared. They cared about their perspectives and what they thought was right according to them; they did not care about me,” she went on.

Asked if she is currently dating, Ekirapa said: “I am where I need to be; I am the happiest that I have ever been, and the sky can only be the limit.”

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