Eric Omondi’s Mother “Worried” By Comedian’s Videos on Instagram

August 6, 2020

Kenya’s top funnyman Eric Omondi says his mother is worried that he’s too hyper after she watched the comedian’s skits on social media.

Omondi’s mother, Margaret Omondi, joined Instagram recently and was reportedly taken aback by her son’s over-the-top content.

“My mother called me the other day, and you could tell that she was a bit worried. She has been watching my videos on Instagram, and you know, all that madness. She didn’t think I was really normal and that some of my jokes are weird,” Eric told Standard.

The comedian added that his mother urged him to take a breather.

“She has since asked me to slow down. She thinks I am too hyper for life and that during these Corona days, I should take life slowly,” said Omondi.

The comedian, however, does not plan to take it easy as he continues to bag marketing gigs with major brands.

“I don’t think I can slow down. In fact, I am working on one of the biggest shows that will be held at the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) in September. You should watch out for this,” he stated.

“There is a lot of business coming my way, and I have had to work extra hard to ensure that my clients get the best from the assigned productions,” Eric added.

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