“Don’t Forget Kibaki Saved You From ICC,” Atwoli Slams DP Ruto

August 14, 2020

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has taken yet another dig at William Ruto following the DP’s recent comments on the existence of a ‘Deep State’.

The outspoken trade unionist Wednesday sought to remind DP Ruto that the purported ‘Deep State’ he claimed is out to rig him out of the presidency in 2022 is the one that saved him at the International Criminal Court.

“I will not go into details but I can also tell you that it is former President Mwai Kibaki who saved Ruto from ICC. He should not forget that. He should stop boasting and making useless noise around,” Atwoli told the Star.

Atwoli also called for Ruto to resign saying the DP does not believe in the government he is serving. He also alleged that Ruto is disrespectful to his boss Uhuru Kenyatta, his peers in government and Kenyans at large.

This young man should not be rude to his bosses who are the taxpayers. He needs to understand that he is using the taxpayers’ funds for security, transport and hosting delegations and must respect them,” Atwoli said.

“Ruto is a daytime dreamer. He is dreaming. He will never be the president of this great country. In fact, no one will stand in his way to stop him. We will see where he will get votes.”

According to Atwoli, DP Ruto is only fixated on succession politics rather than service delivery and he should resign if he is uncomfortable.

“Ruto is interested in politics instead of serving Kenyans. He is number two and if he is not comfortable he should resign,” he said.

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