Top KCPE Student Goldalyn Kakuya Continues to Excel at Brookhouse School

August 14, 2020

Remember Goldalyn Kakuya? Of course you do. The teenage learner defied all odds to beat 993,717 other pupils in the 2017 KCPE with 455 marks out of a possible 500.

The straight As she scored in all five subjects earned Kakuya admission to Kenya High School.

One year into her secondary school education, Ms Kakuyu won a scholarship courtesy of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. This saw her enroll at the Brookhouse School International School in 2019 to continue with her education.

At the prestigious learning institution, Ms Kakuya has not been resting on her laurels as evidenced by the recently released IGCSE results.

In a newspaper publication, Goldalyn Kakuya emerged second in her class having scored straight As.

The Albinism Society of Kenya was proud of Kakuya and took to Facebook to celebrate the girl’s brilliance.

“Our little girl is still topping in her class with straight As. We are glad to have been her destiny connector to study at the prestigious Brookhouse School courtesy of the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, after we took her to meet the President. Albinism Society of KENYA is truly proud of her.”

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