DP Ruto: Pray for People Like Atwoli to Stop Believing in Witchcraft

April 15, 2019

Deputy President William Ruto has retorted to claims by COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli that he won’t be running for the presidency in 2022.

Last Saturday, Atwoli said it is Mombasa Governor Joho who would make the next government and not Ruto.

“I assure you that after the next elections, Governor Ali Hassan Joho will be part of the next government. In 2022 we shall elect the president in an election that will be very peaceful since we shall have amended the Constitution,” said Atwoli during a fundraiser for Lamu Women’s SACCO.

“And I want to tell you one thing, William Samoei Ruto’s name will not be there. You can take it to the bank for free.”

In his response, Dr Ruto termed Atwoli’s remarks as witchcraft, adding that leaders making such sentiments need prayers.

“In this country right now, the contest is between two groups; those who believe in God and those who believe in witchcraft. When you hear someone saying that he has been told by witch-doctors that a certain person will be on ballot and the other will not… it tells you a lot about where the country is right now.

“But just pray for such people so that they can seek the kingdom of God first and stop these other things messing up the country,” said Ruto.

The DP was addressing faithful on Sunday at the Salvation Army Citadel in Kakamega County. He was in the company of Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, Governor Ferdinand Waititu, and Boni Khalwale, who also told off Atwoli.

“Atwoli you are an old man… Instead of cursing us, pave the way for young leaders so that we can compete with them. And by the way Atwoli you know the history of the Luhya people. A curse from where you come from cannot hold on a Luhya leader like Dr. Boni Khalwale,” said former Senator Boni Khalwale.

While the Kiambu governor Baba Yao maintained that Ruto will be the next President in 2022, remarks that were echoed by Ken Lusaka.

“Kiambu watu washaaamua… Mt. Kenya region sisi tushaamua. Namnajua sisi tunaangalianga sasawa mahali kuna matunda. Sisi hatufuatangi hadithi sisi tunafuata kitendo ile tunaona. Na huyu jamaa hustler huyu ndo atakua President wetu 2022,” said Waititu.

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