Ciku Muiruri: I Enjoyed My Radio Comeback. Might Restart ‘Busted’ Show

August 26, 2020

The former radio personality Ciku Muiruri is back on the airwaves after a six-year hiatus.

Muiruri made her big comeback on ‘Choice Radio’ Monday, August 24, and described her return on the airwaves as exciting. She hinted at making it permanent.

“Yesterday was exciting, I enjoyed it. The music is great and the people are super friendly there. So most likely the return to the airwaves will be a permanent comeback,” she said on Tuesday.

The former Classic 105 presenter noted that she still does not have her own show as she is currently trying out with the Kace and Sadia Show from 3-7 pm to see what time slot works best for her.

“Nothing is off the table at this point, we are trying it out and we will see but I do not know how I’ll feel at the end of the week, if I feel good then I will make it permanent,” said Muiruri.

The former Pulse magazine columnist also hinted at relaunching her once-infamous show, ‘Busted’, that exposed cheating partners.

“I will decide on the content. Whether features like Busted make a comeback, will depend on what the audience wants. Their wish is my command,” said Ciku.

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