New KeArtiste – Meet Rising Afropop Songbird Zeshari Jean

August 26, 2020

There’s a new songbird in town out to conquer the airwaves in Kenya and beyond.

Zeshari Jean is a vastly talented Afro-pop singer/songwriter whose journey in music started at Sauti Academy in 2014, graduating a year later.

She dropped her first single dubbed ‘Mapenzi Ya Nusu’ in 2016 but is yet to break through to the mainstream. Zeshari attributes her slow but progressive growth to her prowess in making music that speaks to the soul as opposed to music that excites listeners.

The singer’s breakout single is dubbed ‘Hewa’, an ultimate party song that I guarantee is worth your valuable time.

“There are very many reasons why this(slow growth) could be so. But I would think that the main reason could be that maybe ‘Hewa’ is the first mainstream type of beat that I have dropped as opposed to the rest of my music which was mainly meant for the soul,” says the ‘Stuck Up’ singer.

Commenting on her new single ‘Hewa’, Zeshari said: “Hewa is a Swahili word for air. This song is a reminder for all of us to just take a minute, step back and just breathe. It’s crazy how many times we take it for granted in our hustles and bustles of our day to day life.

Adding: “When was the last time you just stood outside and breathed in and out just because you can? Well, today Zeshari reminds you this, the next time life brings its twists and turns as you remember to…Punga Hewa”.

‘Hewa’ was produced by Ilhaji and shot by Zord Files.

Check it out below.

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