Brenda Wairimu Slams Tanzanian Comedian For Stealing Daughter’s Photo

August 28, 2020

Tanzanian comedian MC Pilipili was left with egg on his face after a creepy attempt at using actress Brenda Wairimu’s photo as his own.

Pilipili lifted a photo of Brenda’s daughter off her Instagram page and uploaded it on his profile purporting to be his child. The photo captured Brenda’s daughter’s feet when she was six weeks old.

MC Pilipili posted the image on Tuesday and captioned it: “Daddys Daughter @elphina_mathias… I love you!! Balozi wa @the_edras Kipenzi cha @themathias_qute_mena.”

It didn’t take long before fans of the Kenyan actress called the comedian out over his brazen falsehood. Brenda Wairimu also took to Twitter to bash MC Pilipili describing the incident as strange.

“A public figure with about 2mil IG followers just took a picture OF MY DAUGHTERS FEET when she was six weeks old, off my IG page and used it as his own(daughters). I dunno, thats just…..strange. .This is very strange. This is my picture; these are my daughter’s feet” reacted Brenda Wairimu,” tweeted the ‘Disconnect’ actress.

The uproar forced the comedian to pull down the photo. Pilipili and his wife Qute Mena welcomed their child a few months ago.

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