‘Be Patient…We are Fighting Corruption Cartels,’ CS Kagwe Urges

August 11, 2020

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has assured that the government is determined to rein in graft cartels that have infiltrated the ministry.

Speaking Monday, the CS called for patience saying cartels are not beaten overnight. He noted that he is personally committed to the fight.

“On the issue of cartels in the ministry. I would like you to be patient during the fight. Cartels are not beaten overnight, they fight back,” he said.

“I am personally committed to the changes in the ministry . You have no idea how bad it is ..you keep on mentioning the Health ministry. Do you know that blood from the ministry was found in Mogadishu? Blood and here you are taking it lightly. It is not an overnight activity,” he added.

Kagwe, who last month vowed to disband cartels, said he could not reveal the steps the government has taken against the cartels.

“I will not explain how we fight them, you cannot disclose your strategy to your enemy,” he said.

This comes amid growing concerns and calls from Kenyans for the accountability of billions of shillings raised to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the funds include Sh78.3 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sh108 billion from the World Bank, Sh22.5 billion concessional loan from African Development Bank, Sh7.5 billion in form of grants from the European Union among others.

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