Brookhouse School Denies Charging Re-enrolment Fee

August 11, 2020

Brookhouse International School has come out to refute reports that it demanded a Ksh45,000 fee from parents to have their children re-enrolled.

This after parents and guardians last Friday protested that the school was illegally charging them for enrolment.

“The legal committee has advised that the parents should not participate in this exercise as it amounts to a new contract and an attempt to undermine the pending petition determination,” the parent’s association committee said.

But in a letter dated Saturday, August 8, Brookhouse schools Director, Rabih Saab, explained that the re-enrolment was for administration purposes as communicated to the chairperson of the parents’ group.

He said the re-enrolment form sent to parents is used around the world by schools to improve administrative planning for timetable delivery.

Saab said that there was no provision to pay any fees.

“Brookhouse decided to adopt this administrative mechanism at the beginning of 2020 long before the pandemic issue arose,” said Mr Saab.

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