Sonko – I’m Still In Charge Of Key Nairobi Functions

August 11, 2020

Governor Mike Sonko has maintained that he is the de facto head of Nairobi county despite the NMS taking over key county functions.

Speaking after launching the newly refurbished outpatient centre at Mbagathi Hospital, Sonko said it is business as usual and nothing can stop him.

“I am still the Governor of Nairobi. All these functions that are transferred are still under me. That is why you saw me launching projects in Mbagathi and now I am here,” he told the Star at the Garden Estate Primary School in Roysambu where he had gone to inspect development projects.

“I’m going on with my work as governor. Subcounty administration is under NMS but I am here, in Roysambu, in this office with area MCA, inspecting projects. I will continue doing that, nobody will stop me from doing that,” Sonko added.

The count boss reiterated that he also performs other official duties such as chairing the CEC committee meetings, getting briefs from county officers, launching projects and convenes cabinet meetings.

“He holds cabinet meetings at least once a month. But he holds many meetings with county officers. He is briefed every morning. If he has specific issues, he calls the concerned officers and they meet,” Sonko’s personal assistant Ben Mulwa said.

A CEC who did not want to be named and whose docket has been transferred to NMS told the daily that their work has been scaled down though they meet Sonko occasionally.

“I go to the office but there is nothing much there. NMS only calls when they are stuck. But for the governor, we meet often. Some of our officers are with NMS and they brief us and we relay the same to the governor,” the official said.

Sonko also noted that he started most of the projects being implemented by NMS.

“I support what they (NMS) do. In fact, most of the projects like recarpeting Kenyatta Avenue, I am the person who started it. We advised and awarded the tender,” he said.

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