Akothee’s Sister, Cebbie, Speaks Out After Bitter Fallout

August 7, 2020

Akothee’s sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo alias Cebbie has come out to address reports that they are still not on good terms with each other.

The pair had a highly publicised spat a few weeks ago after Cebbie, through screenshots shared by gossipmonger Edgar Obare, sensationally claimed that Akothee is broke and can’t afford school fees.

The leaked screenshots showed Cebbie’s conversation with a former lover in which she also claimed that Akothee is a husband snatcher and had dated several politicians in the country.

The allegations drew a response from Akothee, who claimed that some of her relatives were bitter after she stopped giving them cash handouts.

“I have done more than enough for my family! I know some of them feel bad when they see me support people I don’t know, but the truth is, I get fulfilled when I help those that are in need and expect nothing,” she wrote on Instagram.

Adding: “Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family problems apart from my parents & grandparents, I am hardly loved. My family has no idea of my wealth nor my whereabouts, even if I die today, they have no idea of whom is handling my will / Bill’s. They are guests in my life. I respect and love my family very much and the only way to keep the relationship is to love them from afar since I have no option but to love them.”

Speaking for the first time since the debacle, Cebbie said there is no bad blood between them.

In a YouTube chat with media personality CJ Atemo, she acknowledged that just like any other family, they fight and make up.

“Family is family and I like the way people kept on attacking me ‘oooh… you can’t fight president of single mothers (Akothee)’… She’s my sister. Even if I am killed today, she’ll open her arms and accept me because she’s more of my mother, something people don’t know,” Cebbie said.

She added: “We also fight badly and hit optimum. What people don’t know is that when Akothee and I are fighting in that family nobody talks because no one can bring us together. We find a way to talk. [When the screenshot messages leaked online], Akoth and I talked on the same day. I do not understand why people keep on asking: ‘are you talking to your sister?… We don’t need to show you that we’re talking or we’re good. It didn’t dent our relationship as much. I am human, [I make mistakes].”

She also noted that she has learnt to trust only a few people in her life.

The screenshots were allegedly leaked by the wife of Cebbie’s former lover; she accused Cebbie of snatching her husband late last year.

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