13 Things To Know About Fashion/Lifestle Blogger Lilmo Julliet

August 10, 2020

Lilmo Julliet Wanjiru is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger known for her knack for diversifying fits from designer wears and athleisure throw-ons.

She spoke to People Daily about fashion and style.

  1. Briefly describe your style.

    I’m always extra because I love to pop, but in a practical manner.

  2. Who or what influences your style?

    I believe my personality is the power behind my looks. I go an extra mile in anything I get to do and that’s why I also go extra on the looks.

  3. What’s your fashion obsession?

    I am obsessed with heels and sexy dresses. I find myself buying more and more. The urge is insatiable.

    There’s probably nothing that can beat a sexy dress paired with some nice matching heels. That look is superbly classy, to say the least.

  4. Do you have fashion pet peeves?

    I do. I hate it when the ladies put on a confused color blocking. Every woman should know how to mix the colours to save themselves from that embarrassing look. And for men, those saggy pants are a complete turn off.

  5. What’s the first thing you notice in someone’s style the first you meet them?

    Actually, it’s not one but three. In women, it has to be the shoes, nails and handbag in that order.

    In men it’s the shoes, cologne and wristwatch. So, I’d advise people to choose well.

  6. Who is your style doppelganger and why?

    I am a great fan of South African blogger Valrey Nkoana. I think the reason behind this is because we are both extra on our style and own many similar pieces.

  7. Which African fashion brands are you keen on?

    @thecleancut_, @shopnewlevel and @velvetkenya. I love these African brands as their products really excite me and they align to my style and personality. And they are authentic.

  8. Do you believe in the power of image?

    Yes, I do because first impressions are very important and it’s always good to make a reasonable effort.

    That said, as human beings we should be less judgmental of each other and learn to appreciate and support each other more.

  9. Every lady deserves to own a pair of…

    A pair of heels. Heels generally elevate outfits and every lady needs a pair because it makes you look classy, and it also makes you have a better posture and longer legs. Ha-ha-ha.

  10. Catch you dead in…

    Uncoordinated colour blocking scheme. I am very specific when it comes to colours.

  11. Your signature scent is?

    Black Opium and Linterdit Givenchy.

  12. Any self-care advice can you offer yourself and others?

    Take social media with a pinch of salt, learn how to practice meditation, try to watch your diet, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

  13. What are your favourite places to thrift?

    @.v.i.a.tu for sneakers and T-shirts or @slay_na_budget for sneakers, @budgetkloset_bmf for heels, @queenwatts_closet and @ayla_thrift_store for tops and Ngara stalls for trousers.

    I love these stores because they have good quality items at affordable prices and match my style.

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