Why Betty Kyallo Doesn’t Want a Big Wedding Anymore

July 16, 2020

Having already held a grandiose wedding to Dennis Okari in 2015, media personality Betty Kyallo is not too keen to have another.

Speaking with Billy Miya, Ms Kyallo said her next wedding will have to be a low-key affair at the Attorney Generals office. She explained that having a big wedding is a recipe for disaster because when the marriage falls apart, people who attended the nuptials are nowhere to be seen.

“Especially now I don’t want a big wedding. Just me and him at the AG’s office, then have our rice at the next restaurant, go home and start our life. Honeymoon is fine but this thing of feeding 5,000 people at your wedding is crazy. When things go wrong in your marriage, you will look for these 5,000 people and they will be nowhere to be seen,” she said.

Betty also noted that she was young when she got married to Okari and didn’t take marriage seriously. She added that she is happy for Okari who has since remarried after their divorce.

“You don’t need to put a brave face in public but behind closed doors, you two are not okay. I chose to be happy and I’m even happy for him.

“The thing about marriage, at that time I was young, I didn’t want marriage as such and I didn’t see its meaning. But right now, I have grown as a woman, I understand myself and I now know what I want. I’m ready to mend my ways so that I also get my ring. But now I’m not in a hurry, whoever God will send my way is who I will settle with,” Betty told Billy.

She further clarified that her comment about wanting a divorced man was taken out of proportion, saying any man is welcome but, “From my experience, I feel like, with a divorced man, we can understand each other better.”

Betty, however, stated that she is not in hurry to settle down and is focusing on loving herself.

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