Tanasha Donna Opens Up On Struggles Of Being a Woman In The Music Industry

July 28, 2020

Tanasha Donna has opened up about the struggles of being a woman in the music industry, saying it has not been easy doing it on her own.

With her latest music video, Sawa, hitting 1.5 million views in just one month, the former radio presenter celebrated the feat recounting how tough it has been.

From having sleepless nights and financial strains to dealing with bosses who are sexual predators, Ms Donna said it is quite an achievement for her song to be doing so well.

“1.5M + views in 1 month. That’s an achievement & a half for me. It’s not easy for a female in this industry doing it on her own… The sleepless nights my team & I had, financing your own projects( songs & videos) being behind every single step or every creative process of any project, having to enter boardroom meetings & try convince some bosses (some of whom are team mafisi) to TRUST THE ART… having a son & family to take care of… Being your own boss is TOUGH I tell you, BUT when you see the fruits of your hard work finally blossom & grow into something amazing you know you’re BLESSED & become GRATEFUL. & trust me I’m just getting started…,” wrote the mother of one.

Tanasha Donna also announced that she has more projects lined up and fans should expect collabos with both local and international acts.

“Got so much lined up for this year Especially collaborations, both local & international! I feel like I’m literally done recording for the year now. Weh! ?? Just busy with visuals now!

“Thanks to everyone who showed SAWA so much love. Not my type of music genre, though I just had to drop a positive catchy song to encourage us all during tough times. My country ?? , My beautiful KENYA… Everywhere I go, the amount of love & recognition you all show me is amazing. Sometimes I walk to the shop or supermarket forgetting that people recognize me & when people just start singing “ Sawa sawa na weweeee” It brings tears to my eyes… I still forget every day & drive out in my slippers & pj’s kununua maziwa & still get shocked when people on the streets call my name. Sorry i’l always be new to this guys ???? THANK YOU EAST AFRICA, our song trended not only in EA but also all over UAE ??, hit #1 in countries I never expected leave alone ever been to, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Saudi… & it’s all because of the amazing love East Africans & Africans have shown me even when most thought I wouldn’t make it far once on my own. Thank you all, thanks to my amazing little team! Without them I’m nothing!” wrote Donna.


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