New KeMusic – Sanaipei Tande Drops ‘Kunitema’ Music Video

July 21, 2020

Top Kenyan songbird Sanaipei Tande last week dropped her new music video titled, ‘Kunitema’.

The slow and melancholic song tells the story of a married woman struggling with an abusive husband who finally dumps her out.

According to Sanaipei, ‘Kunitema’ depicts the succumbing to typical societal pressure of getting into marriage, prepared or not for the challenges and the stigma and supposed hardship that comes with being unmarried and/or removing oneself from it.

“It may be a sad song but there’s always a positive in every negative situation. It’s just a little harder to see,” says Ms Tande.

‘Kunitema’ audio is produced by House of Dillie while the video is the work of Mhando Brian.

Watch below. Rating 8/10.

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