Millions of Kenyans Go Wild as New Cryptocurrency Hits the Market

July 2, 2020

The bitcoin craze is quickly sweeping the country and millions of Kenyans are rushing to secure themselves a quick deal and make a fast buck while at it.

But while bitcoin itself is a little hectic and may take need more processes to go about, a Kenyan version of the virtual money has been launched and it’s already blowing up the market.

PESSA COIN, a Kenyan version of bitcoin, has already been launched by popular forex trading company 51 Capital and its making its way into the pockets of millions of Kenyans.

The virtual launch has seen many rush to secure themselves a coin and make a quick trade as more and more Kenyans cash in on the craze.

One PESSA COIN will be costing Ksh.53 and can be sold for as much as Ksh. 75 or even more.

Martha Kariuki, a bitcoin fanatic, is one of the first Kenyans to hold onto the coins and she explained her excitement to us saying,

“This is wild. I have been into the bitcoin business for a while now and I never imagined I would ever have to trade with our own local coins. Bitcoin is hectic and it takes quite a number of steps before you make some profit but with PESSA COIN I’m so excited, the rates are great and the profits are amazing, ”

PESSA COIN is the brainchild of Joe Kariuki, a seasoned forex trader and online entrepreneur who now has roped in hundreds of youths into a profitable business that does not require much sweat, stress or hassle.

“PESSA Coins are already out there. People are rushing to cash in. People are buying them wildly. It’s incredible. We want to offer Kenyans alternative ways of earning a living and we’ve seen lives transformed by the magic of virtual money,” Joe Kariuki says.

Martin Kinyua, 24, also swears by the name of PESSA COIN and particularly loves the design.

“Its great. It looks fantastic. I love the name as well. And the fact that it also works with MPESA is just too good. It’s a new world for me…” he says.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some pessa coins and let’s roll!

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