Mercy Kyallo Opens Up On Missing Betty’s Flair Launch, Ivanna’s Birthday

July 7, 2020

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Mercy Kyallo, has attempted to explain why she missed some important dates in the life of her celebrity sister.

The ‘Yallo Leather’ founder was conspicuously missing during the highly publicised re-launch of Betty’s beauty spot, Flair, last week. But speaking in a radio interview, Mercy said she was there in spirit.

“There is so much help you can give especially inside the family dynamic that is not in public. When the right time comes, I will give my support,” she said.

“But I was there in spirit and we have walked together since the journey began.”

Before the relaunch, Mercy also missed a birthday party for Betty’s daughter, Ivanna, which raised eyebrows from a section of the public.

Mercy explained: “I was not able to go but at the same time support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family. 

“I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know.”

Asked whether she is in good terms with Betty, Mercy said: “Sisters go through highs and lows just like friends. That doesn’t matter. People also go through their times and tides. Munajua tu kupenya maisha pamoja as a family.”

“We fight and get back to each other like any siblings in this country. The same way I think, wakosanao ndio wapendanao.”

She also spoke about Dennis Okari, whom she had accused of being an absentee dad to Ivanna earlier this year.

“I’m not one to mince my words especially when I feel a type of way. I will always protect my family and friends. I was giving it straight at the time. And it is not personal,” she said.

Mercy noted that since the controversy that also involved Okari’s friend Ken Mijungu, things are better now and she is happy to see Okari in their lives and the life of his daughter.

“Things are good and that is the thing with life, it’s ups and downs. Every family goes through all these kinds of ups and downs. The good thing with family is that you always find a way to hold each other’s hands. Forgive each other and cry with each other and encourage one another,” said Mercy Kyallo.

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