How Jackpot Slots Can Be More Fun

July 19, 2020

The rise in the popularity of jackpot slots continues. More and more slots are now coming armed with jackpots that make slots more tempting to punters than they have ever been. Even old slot games have been given the jackpot makeover. Jackpot slots are not a new phenomena, in fact, they have been around since the early 1900s. However, land-based casinos are where it all started and these slots are still popular here too. Jackpots come in all shapes and sizes and since your favourite slot games are competing with lotteries for customers, some of the cash prizes are now life changing. There are mini jackpots, minor, major and grand jackpots. The huge progressive jackpots are the most sought after and these can reach astronomical figures that can even rival a lottery win. Jackpot slots can be more fun to play as any spin can win you one. Some jackpots fall randomly whilst you spin and this ups the tension and excitement of the base game.

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth The Chase?

Progressive jackpots are the most valuable of all the slot jackpots because they grow continuously until they are won. Each player that chases these huge prizes adds to the pot. These jackpots can drop at any time and even the progressive ones do not have to reach six figures before they do so. Progressive jackpots have helped slots hit the headlines for positive reasons, instead of the usual links to gambling addiction. One story made front-page news in 2015 when a young soldier won £13.2 million on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot at a popular online casino. This made this individual a record breaker.

Other Jackpots Of Interest

Many slots now carry multiple jackpots that can range from a few pounds to a few thousand.  Playtech has introduced the Fire Blaze Jackpot slots. The prizes here are smaller and easier to win. These slots are fun because of the addition of the jackpots to the base game. They do however still contain free spin bonus rounds despite the inclusion of jackpot prizes.

Blueprint Gaming invented the Jackpot king network. This is a jackpot system that many online casinos have signed up to and it has breathed life into some old slots that had become lackluster to play. The jackpot does not drop randomly with this instead any spin on selected slots can trigger the Jackpot King game. For this to happen, five Jackpot King symbols need to land in a row across the middle reels of any slot you play that is part of the network

Final Thoughts

Jackpots add another element to slots and they make the base game more interesting and fun to play. What the inclusion of jackpots has done is to up the stakes when it comes to slot wins. Many slots have a max payout of 10,000x your bet, but progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah offer the potential to win millions and now slot games can compete for those customers who dream of lottery style life changing wins.

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