Most Widely Spread Slot Myths

July 20, 2020

In the world of online casinos, there are some of the most widely spread slot myths you will ever hear. Myths around slot games have been going for decades, but over recent years with the online casino and online slots boom they’ve become more widespread than ever. No thanks to the big bad web of course, find a slot game to play!

But what are the cause of some of the most widely spread slot games myths? This is a case where there really is smoke without fire, as the cause is pretty much just competing slots developers and online casino providers. Competition is fiercer than ever, and each wants to eliminate the other. Read on for the most widely spread slot myths. 

You can’t Win Slots with Autoplay

When slots with awesome features like autoplay started launching at the same time as other slots without autoplay, something had to give. Therefore, it’s commonly believed this rumour was started by a competition slots developer who wanted theirs to do better than slots with autoplay. If slots are in autoplay or not, it doesn’t matter. The winner is determined by luck alone. 

And, when you think about it, that’s obvious. There’s just no way it matters if slots are played in autoplay or not, the outcome and winner can’t be manipulated through this means. Online slot games work with a random number generator which doesn’t know the difference. It also doesn’t choose a winner. 

You can’t get Lucky on Slots – it’s all Predetermined 

This is one of the most widely spread slot myths, and as such, that means it’s unfortunately one which is the most believed. The perception that slot games winners are pre-programmed is an unfortunate one, and it can’t possibly hold true. No slots have a predetermined time to pay out. 

While it’s fair to say as far as slots myths go, you could believe this because “if slots haven’t paid out in a while”, maybe it’s “due,” that’s not true. Jackpot slots and other kinds of slot games simply payout when a player is lucky and wins. 

Playing Online Slots Safely 

While we love to talk about something as interesting as slot myths, it’s worth noting you should still be safe when you’re choosing and playing slots. Before deciding on the online casino site you want to play with, check out their Ts and Cs and make sure they’re right for you before you join. Shop around too and get the best casino promotions out there. 

Go for slots which have great chances to win free games to keep things interesting, and any which have a free spins offer. It’s important you don’t tie yourself into anything you might later regret with all things in life, and that goes for slots too. Check out reviews online and see what you like the look of most. 

Slot Games Myths Conclusion 

All in all, slot myths are just rumours doing the rounds, which happens in all kinds of industries for all kinds of reasons. We hope we’ve cleared up some of these myths for you though, and helped you find the truth in slots. But, don’t just take our word for it – why not head to an online casino and find slots you love today?

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