Halima Hussein: Meet 21-year-old Founder of Organic Cosmetic Line ‘HH Glam’

July 13, 2020

At just 21 years, Halima Hussein is the founder cum CEO of cosmetic company; HH Glam. She is also a Law student at Brunel University in London.

How did you find your footing in cosmetics?

My interest in cosmetics began when I was around 15-years-old. I loved to watch make-up artists on YouTube and try it out during my free time.

I loved to apply make-up on my mum and sisters when we would be going out for dinner and also my friends whenever we went out.

You are pursuing a degree in law. How does that complement your love for cosmetology?

When running a business, law is seen in every aspect, be it the patent of our unique formulation, the brand collaborations or partnership and procurement contracts we sign.

Describe your style…

Laid-back street wear mixed with athleisure and some girly pieces. I love matching jogger sets and a good pair of Nike sneakers. T-shirts, ripped jeans and leggings are some of my favourites.

Do you have a make-up routine?

I do. I wash my face, moisturise, then apply serum and primer. I start with my eyebrows and eye make-up then I do my foundation, concealer and contour and set it all with powder and setting spray.

When did you start your company?

I set up H.H Glam in June 2019. I started by formulating my first product, a process that took me about six months; saving up the capital and creating our branding and marketing strategy.

Then we started reaching out to Kenyan beauty gurus and influencers, shooting a campaign and finally launching.

What are some of the products you have already rolled out?

Our latest lipgloss is a red tinted gloss named Sanguine Kisses, which is 100 per cent organic.

Most tinted/coloured glosses contain a chemical preservative to help the pigment stick to the product. We are a chemical free company, so instead we use beeswax to help our pigment hold.

Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which can also be found in our other ingredients; castor oil and shea butter.

The high concentration of Vitamin A in our gloss helps soothe chapped lips and soften them.

How different are your products compared to other brands?

Our products are unique in that they are the only all natural/organic make-up products made in Kenya.

Our products offer the same beautifying effects as any other brand without the chemical drawbacks and add the bonus of the health and skin benefits provided by our natural ingredients.

What is the ‘For the Love of Girls’ initiative all about?

I have a personal tough journey with menstrual health, so I would like to do what I can to help the amazing founders of For the Love of Girls Foundation in their mission in fighting for menstrual equity for women and girls in Kenya.

Personally, how has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you?

During this period the majority of people are spending on essentials, so make-up might not be an essential for many right now.

So, we’ve put our resources to use and have manufactured three-ply face masks, which are reusable, washable and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

We are also directing a percentage of the profits from our new gloss towards For the Love of Girls Foundation to support their ‘Periods in a Pandemic’ campaign.

What do you splurge on the most?

Nike sneakers and designer hoodies.

A fashion/cosmetic advice you can share..

Be your most authentic self and express yourself without fear of judgment.

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