Govt To Crackdown On Errant Restaurants and Bars Violating Covid-19 Measures

July 21, 2020

The Health Ministry has warned bar owners that the government will conduct a crackdown on entertainment spots that have been operating in contravention of the set Covid-19 rules.

Speaking on Monday, Health CAS Rashid Aman noted that some restaurants have even been converted into bars and have been operating outside curfew hours.

“It has come to our attention that a number of establishments, bars operate after curfew hours. Some of these restaurants convert into bars and this is being looked into,” said Dr Aman.

The CAS also cautioned politicians who continue to hold public gatherings.

“It seems like the increase in positive cases has not sunk among our people. We have continued to witness misbehaviour by some Kenyans including some of our leaders,” he said.

Dr Aman also faulted Nairobians accusing them of not caring about coronavirus.

“I’m saddened that here in Nairobi where numbers are growing in their hundreds, a lot of people do not seem to care. let us not behave like doubting Thomases. This situation should jolt us,” he said.

The Health CAS also noted that Kenyans have not been observing the set guidelines with regards to burials.

“Some don’t even believe in the figures given by the government. The country has relaxed cessation movement. But in some parts of the country, there are incidences of mourners eating together…it’s fodder for the spread of the virus,” he said.

“This virus does not make any decision on who to infect,” added Dr Aman.

418 more people tested positive on Monday raising the country’s case load to 13,771.

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