Vera Sidika: May Covid-19 Doubters Catch It

July 21, 2020

Vera Sidika has issued a stern warning to anyone claiming that coronavirus is fake.

In a post on social media, the socialite and former reality TV star noted that the virus is not a joke and people should take it seriously.

The unsympathetic Vera Sidika went as far as wishing that Covid-19 doubters catch the deadly virus to experience firsthand that it is serious. She noted that Coronavirus has a way of teaching doubting Thomases that it’s a lesson.

May anyone claiming there’s no corona and that govt is paying people to lie… catch it! The day you, your friends, or family get corona is when u will realize this shit ain’t a damn joke!”

She added: “Keep screaming “corona is a scam” people ain’t taking it serious until it hits someone they know. And corona has a way of teaching doubters a lesson. So… continue!!! The day it kills you we will just say its malaria.”

This comes just weeks after Vera played down the lockdown and curfew orders as she bragged about attending a private party.

Warming up before going out to the actual party. It’s a Friday Night … going out for a lil party. When you drive out whenever… lockdown for who…damn no cars on the road. Nairobi is dry baby girl …but we are out,”  said Vera.

Meanwhile, the socialite has for the umpteenth time expressed her desire to have a baby.

While reacting to news of Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy, Vera said: “I’m next”.

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