“Even If I Was Dating Bill Gates, I Wouldn’t Tolerate His Abuse,” Says Elizabeth Michael

July 24, 2020

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael ‘Lulu’ has spoken out against the dire consequences of domestic violence.

Speaking from her own experience, Lulu recounted how physical assault by deceased actor Steven Kanumba landed her in prison. The actress was in 2017 convicted for the manslaughter of the actor but was released on a presidential pardon after serving just six months of her two-year sentence.

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Speaking on the back of actress Zuwena ‘Shilole’ Mohammed’s confession that she was in an abusive marriage with husband Ashraf Uchebe, Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael said her experience with Kanumba taught her never to tolerate an abusive spouse.

“You might be forgetting that domestic violence is what landed me in jail; the confrontations led to a big mistake which changed my life in seconds. I can’t tolerate a violent relationship because I know the effects. Even if I was dating Bill Gates, I wouldn’t stand violence from him,” she said in an Instagram video.

The Bongowood actress also dispelled reports that her fiance, DJ Majizzo, beats her up.

I don’t know how and who started those rumours. I have never experienced gender-based violence from my partner. I previously opted not to respond to the rumours so as not to give them validity. But after three years, the rumour persisted and I decided to speak about it because it is a serious allegation. People are claiming that I’m persevering because of money, yes he has money but that can’t make me condone violence,” said Lulu.

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