Daring Kirinyaga Women Attempt to Sneak Marijuana into Police Station

July 7, 2020

Two women from Kirinyaga tempted fate on Thursday last week after attempting to sneak marijuana into a police cell.

According to Kirinyaga East police boss Antony Wanjuu, the women had stashed 17 rolls of weed into a tea flask when they were arrested.

Mr Wanjuu said the women had gone to visit a suspected drug peddler at the police station in the evening under the pretext that they had brought him tea.

Their plan was thwarted by officers on duty who grew suspicious and demanded to see what was in the flask. This is when the cops discovered the rolls of marijuana and promptly arrested the women.

“The women said the man in police custody is well known to them and that he can not do without smoking,” the police boss said.

“They claimed the man normally falls sick if he does not smoke. Which is a ridiculous claim.”

The man was arrested last Wednesday for being in possession of marijuana.

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