Churchill Show’s Victor Ber Responds to Zeddy’s Allegations That He’s a ‘Depression Maker’

July 3, 2020

Churchill show creative director, Victor Ber, has responded after comedian Zainabu Zeddy sensationally branded him as the “depression maker” who has been frustrating local comedy acts.

In a long post shared on her Instagram account, Zeddy pointed an accusing finger at Ber for the death of two comedians, Joseph Musyoki Kivindu aka Kasee and Anthony Njenga ‘Mswahili’, who are believed to have suffered from depression before their demise.

“Ber, how many times did Njenga cry to you before his death? How many times did he call you? After I posted I’m looking for Kasee you all looked for him and lied to him that he will be performing during the show and he came for rehearsals but you told him he was going to perform during the Machakos show. When he came you denied him an opportunity,” wrote Zeddy.

In response, Ber played Zeddy’s allegations saying the comedienne is just going through grief.

“I am not the reason behind anyone’s depression, I understand where Zeddy is coming from and it is okay for her to speak her mind. She is grieving and we are all grieving. We have done our best to ensure that every Churchill Show member is doing just fine,” he said.

Ber further said that Kasee was his neighbour and they always spent time together in Kinoo. He said the deceased comedian had reformed and believes that Kasee did not commit suicide.

“We really do not think that Kasee committed suicide. His drink might have been spiked for he was doing very well. He fell on his way home and by the time we received a call, he was being taken to the morgue. We are waiting for the postmortem results as his body lies at Chiromo mortuary.”

Meanwhile, Zeddy has since released some “receipts” to back up her claims; on Thursday, she shared several clips of some comedians talking about their encounters with Victor Ber.

They include Chipukeezy who spoke in a past interview with Jeff Koinange disclosing that he will never forget Victor Ber.

Watch the clips below.


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