Betty Kyallo Speaks Up On Reported Fall Out With Sister Mercy

July 28, 2020

Betty Kyallo has confirmed that she was not on good terms with her younger sister, Mercy Kyallo.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Mercy missed two important dates in the life of her celebrity sister. The ‘Yallo Leather’ founder missed the highly publicised re-launch of Betty’s beauty spot, Flair, and also missed a birthday party organised for Betty’s daughter, Ivanna.

Speaking in a radio interview, Mercy explained why.

“I was not able to go but at the same time support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family. I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know,” said Mercy.

“Sisters go through highs and lows just like friends. That doesn’t matter. People also go through their times and tides. Munajua tu kupenya maisha pamoja as a family. We fight and get back to each other like any siblings in this country. The same way I think, wakosanao ndio wapendanao,” she added.

Betty has now spoken out, saying they had a rough patch but have since settled their differences. Betty even spent the weekend at Mercy’s place.

“Me and Mercy we are okay, we had a small rough patch, but you know it happens every time…But let me tell you something guys, you always have this situation with your siblings. It’s Normal there is nothing weird about it. You Kosana with your mum, you Kosana with your Dad, and if you gonna say no you are lying to me. Because its not possible to live a life where you are just perfectly happy, with the people who are in your life, but now were are cool with Mercy. The next episode if she is not busy she will be here… She is a very good host and the place where she stays is very beautiful,” said Betty Kyallo in a YouTube video.

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