4 Top-Ranked Universities in Kenya

July 24, 2020

As a rule, when we talk about studying abroad, we mean top universities in Europe and America. However, education in such universities is extremely expensive and not everyone is able to pay for it. This is why it might be a good idea to consider studying in Africa. If you are looking for where to study in Africa and you prefer Kenya, then you must know the universities to study. Check out the best universities and colleges in Kenya for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. African students as well as international students can attend these top Kenyan universities and colleges for a small fee. We have compiled a list for you.

Why Choose Kenya to Study?

Public universities in the country operate at low tuition fees for international students, while private institutions charge a little more than that. Therefore, if you are looking to get admission to a low tuition university in Africa, Kenya may be for you. The instruction framework is profoundly evolved and today Kenya is a significant supplier of advanced education programs, drawing in a huge number of worldwide understudies. You can choose from one of many certify programs accessible at both undergrad and graduate levels. Also, be prepared to study as Kenya has high academic standards. At first, a study, in general, may seem too difficult, in which case it will be wise of you to buy essay service and professional writers will help you with your homework.

1. University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is the same university where you can study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Africa. The University of Nairobi is home to African education, one of the oldest universities in East Africa, and has excellent students and alumni. Tuition fees at the University of Nairobi depend on the level or program undertaken by any student. These fees may also be affected on a sponsorship basis. Students on Scholarships pay less than other students pay. Typically, university fees in Nairobi are estimated at 176,460 KES.

The University of Nairobi is ranked first in the ranking of universities in Kenya. It is ranked 7th in Africa and 1698th in the world.

2. Maseno University

Maseno University is among the best in Kenya. At the University of Maseno you can choose one of the specialties: organization management, marketing, international economics, and, upon completion of your studies, receive a diploma that is recognized internationally. In addition, if you have a diploma from the University of Maseno, you can enter any higher educational institution in the world for one of the postgraduate programs.

The university prepares the country’s business elite, but this does not mean at all that the subjects taught at different faculties have a strictly economic direction. Studying under the program of any specialty at this university, you will also study a number of humanitarian subjects, which will not only expand your horizons but also improve your language skills in Swahili.

3. Kenyatta University

Management states that Kenyatta University has an advantage over other higher education institutions in the country in that it focuses on developing practical skills and introducing research into everyday life. To achieve this goal, Kenyatta University signed contracts for students to undergo internships and practice in leading organizations in the country.

The primary objectives of the college are to consistently improve the nature of instructing, take a mainline in the positioning of the nation’s colleges, and become a world-class higher instructive establishment. Kenyatta University has its own transport armada, on account of which understudies normally compose vacationer visits and excursions. In addition to buses, the educational institution has an ambulance and a shuttle service for students with disabilities.

4. Adventist University of Africa (AUA)

Kenya-based African Adventist University is an educational institution where you can get higher education by choosing any of a number of specialties. The university offers its students a high-quality business education; future managers, marketers, and those who will very soon influence changes in the country’s economic space are trained within its walls. AUA teachers are specialists from around the world: USA, UK, and Canada.

The university has courses in foreign languages ​​that can be attended by both university students and those who simply want to learn a new language or improve their knowledge and skills.

Summing up

Kenyan universities are studying new technologies and conducting serious research. Education in Kenya follows Western standards, and this has several advantages. First, a prestigious diploma and a chance to stay, live, and work abroad. Secondly, communication with teachers on an equal footing. Also, there are affordable prices. You do not have to infringe on yourself in everything and worry about the euro exchange rate, as in Western Europe. This applies to everything: tuition fees, shopping, going to cafes. So, don’t waste time and go to the University of Kenya.

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