Victoria Kimani Talks Fashion and Style: ‘Most Expensive Item in My Wardrobe Cost Sh286,000’

June 2, 2020

Victoria Kimani is undoubtedly one of the most stylish celebrities in town; she is an avid dresser and owner of two fashion brands—Kimani Couture and Kimani Luxury Braids. She breaks down her style preferences to People Daily.

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What are some of the essentials in your wardrobe?

Right now I have a lot of work-out clothes, leggings and sports bras. I am really working on keeping fit.

What do you stock up on the most?

I am a fan of sweaters and jackets. I have so many of them.

What’s the most expensive fashion item in your possession?

I would say my Balmain boots. They took me back £2,200 (Sh286,000).

Do you have one thing you regret ever spending on?

Those Balmain boots; I literally wore them three times. It pains me to date, but maybe I will move on some day.

Who are some of your favourite fashion brands and why?

I am not really a brand kind of girl. I select cool pieces from wherever. I am just so random and I think it is cool. It works for me.

Tell us about your experience as the brand ambassador for international make-up line Maybelline New York?

It was cool! It really inspired me to create my own black-owned business. It was a role I held in high regard and it came as a very crucial stepping stone for me. As an individual, I learnt a lot, especially on matters to do with beauty.

How are Kimani Couture and Kimani Luxury Braids brands coming through for you?

Success is what I am aiming for. So, I am not stopping to do what’s right for the two brands to ensure I get to where I want to be. I am giving it my all.

Where do you draw inspiration for your style? 

Myself and my moods are my greatest inspirations. But it started way back with my mum. She has always been A1 (game tight) with the fashion, especially her accessories.

What are your thoughts on fluidity in fashion such as men wearing dresses and women embracing androgyny?

I think it’s super cool, as long as it’s done well.

Which celebrity’s closet would you raid after Covid?

Rihanna, that Fenty Beauty!

How are you staying fly during this lockdown period?

Being at home, it’s better to focus on the inside rather than the surface. I’ve been vegan for more than three weeks now.

I plan on continuing for as long as possible and I am loving it so far. Combined with my daily exercise routines, I’ll look amazing in whatever I wear when it’s time to go out again!

What’s your signature scent?

Somewhere between Oud and Lancôme’s La Vie est Belle.

Catch Kimani dead wearing…

Ugly clothes.

Your best fashion destination is… 

Paris and Los Angeles.

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