Ringtone Responds to Xtian Dela’s Claim They Drunk Wine Together

June 18, 2020

Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has refuted claims he takes alcohol as alleged by YouTuber Arthur Mandela aka Xtian Dela.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Dela, who used to be a worship leader, exposed the hypocrisy that continues to plague the local gospel industry. One of his exposes was how gospel artistes preach water in the public but drink wine behind closed doors.

And I can´t lie. Almost 80% of the gospel industry artistes, take alcohol, weed and just fornicate even more than secular artistes. Tunaenda event, alcohol is being served and a very famous DJ is sipping alcohol from below his seat and places it back,” said the vlogger.

He went on to name Willy Paul and Ringtone as some of the artistes who take alcohol. “Ni vizuri Pozze ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. Ni poa. Alikuwa anajificha sana. Pozze chafua, be you! Nimeanza na Pozze,” said Dela.

He added: “Ringtone, where are you? Are you seeing me? I love Ringtone very much bro. We’ve ever gone to his famous house in Runda and he introduced me to some red sweet dessert wine and this made me change my life completely. Ringtone knows how to marinate people – there was this chic he was getting intimate with and I am sure he dumped her that same night.”

When reached for comment, Ringtone denied knowing Xtian Dela.

“I normally invite people to my home and sometimes they come with their friends. In those parties, I have an assortment of wines for those guests who want wine,” he told Word Is.

“I don’t drink alcohol myself but like Jesus visiting Zacchaeus’ home, I deal with people who might not believe the same as I do. But I believe I can spend time with those people and affect them for Christ,” added Ringtone.

He further challenged Xtian to prove that they know each other.

“I don’t know him. We are not friends. Let him produce the messages.”

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