‘Pure Impunity and Arrogance!’ Kenyans Blast Waiguru For Playing Solitaire During Impeachment Hearing

June 24, 2020

A section of Kenyans on Twitter took to the site Tuesday to fault Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru for playing Solitaire during her impeachment hearing.

The governor was pictured by the Star playing the popular card game on her smartphone as her impeachment case was being heard in the Senate.

When she wasn’t so engrossed in Solitaire, Waiguru told the 11-member Senate team that her impeachment by County Assembly members is baseless and was driven by malice.

“Unfortunately what is before you is in every respect false, unfounded and salacious allegations, which have no place in an impeachment motion.

“The grounds contained in the allegations are obvious falsities, unfounded and malicious. They relate to minor administrative issues that would easily have been clarified by a routine inquiry,” she said.

Waiguru will take the stand today to defend herself against the allegations leveled against her before the Committee led by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala retreat to scrutinise the submissions and file a report.

The report is expected to be tabled on the floor on Friday.

On matters Solitaire, some Kenyans described Waiguru as arrogant while others speculated that her nonchalant demeanor means she already knows that she will survive the impeachment.

“She(Waiguru) is simply saying you’re wasting your time,” wrote one Kili Hillary.

Samwel Mwaniki said: “She knows that the sorcerer sanitised her and she has nothing to worry!”

A third Twitter user, Chebet Purity added: “Waiguru already knows that she will win the case…Committee are wasting time and resources. She belongs to Jayden we all know that.”

“She has bae’s powers at her disposal. She isn’t worried. Impunity at its best,” Hasashi Hanzo commented.

David Kanyuga added: “What’s the point of following the proceedings when you already know the results… I mean, this is confidence! I am almost jealous.”

“Waiguru knows we are all being taken on a merry go round. She’s going nowhere, it’s all a charade. There’s someone somewhere who would never let her go down. And that’s all what matters. That’s why she’s playing solitaire in in her trial. Sad,” said one red pepper.

“Calming nerves… We all do it in different ways…” said Adagi.

Chuma Baridi blasted: “Bure kabisa! Arrogance at display!”

“Boredom, lack of interest, contempt and thinking this process is a waste of time,” wrote KingMenes.

Mark Kalomba added: “She’s indirectly saying #SenateNiYaSweetie. Y’all are wasting precious time as a useful resource.”

Jared Nyakomita had a different opinion: “Yes. She entrusted the whole job with her advocates. What else could she have done to relieve her of boredom?”

“Who won? The solitare game is called ‘wajinga nyinyi’,” wrote Mkunsim.

“Not surprised. These guys can produce all the evidence from here to Timbaktu but she won’t be found guilty. The decision was made,” observed Akala.

Kibet noted that: “That’s how arrogant and indisciplined she is!!!”

While Wanjala Dennis said: “When you fly under the wings of a godfather, nothing ever scares you. Your confidence is always over the roof. That’s what waiguru is portraying. Kiburi!”

Another who held a different opinion was one, The Uthamakistan President, who wondered: “But what’s wrong with playing Solitaire? We know so many of us who are always on Instagram while in church. Hypocrisy.”

One ‘Pablo Escobar’ ironically threw his weight behind Waiguru saying: “People can call her all sort of names, but I completely stand with her. What do you do if you warn someone not to elect a thief? You stand by the thief. Kirinyaga was warned but they continued to elect her. No sympathy for Kirinyaga people. Let her come back and steal so much as she can so that Tangatanga supporters learn what they will get when they elect Ruto.”

Andrew Kabena said: “I sympathize with her. I too would be extremely bored. Waigush plays in the league of the moneyed big balls big hagas club. Who can touch her majesty the creator of the heavens as her name suggests?”

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