Looking to Expand Your IT Networking Skills during Quarantine? Try CCNP Enterprise by Cisco!

June 23, 2020

With the recent COVID19 outbreak, the world as a whole was put into uncertainty and has almost been covered with the avalanche of bad news since the beginning of this year. However, now even more than ever we need to focus on any positive points. So, amidst all the negatives, perhaps the most interesting and helpful thing to have come out of this situation is the free time and access every professional is getting to complete industry-relevant, career-boosting Exam-Labs.com and training from reputed vendors. #QuarantineLearning seems to be trending on LinkedIn, just as much as any viral TikTok videos these days are. 

So as everybody related to the IT field is earning credentials like there will be no tomorrow, are you feeling left out trying to figure out what to do and where to start? If you’re someone interested in the networking sector and currently going nuts over this simple question, fear no more! In this article, you’ll find an excellent answer because we will be discussing Cisco’s new CCNP Enterprise badge covering all the ins and outs of the certification process as well as what skills and benefits you’ll gain.

First, What Is CCNP Enterprise?

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Enterprise credential offered by Cisco is the best choice for both aspiring and experienced network engineers aiming to prove their expertise in handling Cisco infrastructures. The certification was introduced quite recently, replacing several badges like CCDP and Exam-Labs Cisco CCNP Enterprise Premium , among others, and incorporating all the top features of those accreditations. Moreover, alongside obtaining wide and comprehensive knowledge of enterprise technologies, you still can choose a specialization when earning this badge by taking the test that suits your career preferences most.

It is to be noted, that the good news about the new Cisco program is that unlike in the old days, now you don’t have to meet any formal prerequisites to apply for professional-level certification. Yes, you heard it right! No need to complete your CCNA anymore to be qualified for CCNP exams. But if you are currently studying for your associate-level credential, it’s better to keep doing so and earn it as it will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build up your Premium File from Exam-Labs .

How to Earn CCNP Enterprise?

Now that we know what CCNP Enterprise is, let’s see how one can get certified. Although Cisco doesn’t outline any requisites, it’s better that you possess a good understanding of the topics covered by this badge before sitting for its exams. It will also be a major plus point if you have at least 3 years of work experience relating to the implementation of enterprise networking solutions.

Still, acing the assessments is the main requirement for you to complete, and you need to pass 2 of them: the mandatory core test (350-401) and one concentration exam of your liking.

350-401 test focuses on the key concepts of Cisco Enterprise network solutions. It will check your knowledge on dual-stack architecture, network assurance, virtualization, security, and automation relating to enterprise infrastructure.

Then, you need to pass one of the six concentration assessments choosing it depending on which area you want to specialize in. It can be a focus on SD-WAN, advanced routing and switching, providing automation, or creating Cisco 300-425 ENWLSD Premium File  (wired or wireless).

What Study Resources to Use?

Preparation for these exams can be tough but you can always enroll in the corresponding Cisco training courses available on their platform and utilize official books. If you find yourself needing more information and explanation on the discussed topics, you can check out YouTube, Amazon, and sites of practice tests’ providers, among other platforms, to get awesome, easy-to-understand content. 

What’s in It for You?

You may be wondering why you should be investing your time and resources exactly on the CCNP Enterprise badge when there are dozens of IT certifications. Listed below are a few of the many advantages you can get out of completing this one.

* Shine bright like a diamond

Getting any badge from a vendor as reputed as Cisco is an accomplishment enough, but CCNP Enterprise is not “any certification”. It is very well known in the industry and its worth is highlighted by how demanded networking professionals become with it. You do not just get the credential, but you can also add it to your CV and social media profiles to attract potential employers.

Cisco CCNP 300-430 ENWLSI Premium

* Cool way to ask for a pay raise

According to PayScale, the average salary for a networking professional holding a CCNP is $95k. So if you are a network engineer or an administrator, having this certification can help you in getting better pay and landing a more senior role like a network architect. 

* Company needs automating? You’ll be right there

As more and more companies nowadays are adopting the use of automation to expand and secure their network infrastructure, having a solid understanding of how automation works and how to implement these processes on networks can help you and your organization in being one step ahead in the game of networking and security.

* Great chance to get specialization

As mentioned earlier, you can pick one of the six concentration exams to focus on your specialization and prove you are an expert in a certain area. You will also get a specialist certification for passing any of these tests so that you’ll have the paper to verify your expertise.

* Your step towards CCIE Enterprise 

If you are planning to get CCIE Enterprise certified someday, there’s more good news for you in completing CCNP Enterpise as passing its core test qualifies you to take on the CCIE lab exam. 

Ready for Your CCNP?

Now you know all the main details of the CCNP Enterprise certification path as well as what advantages it will bring you, so it’s time to make a decision and make some steps to upgrading your career. If you are convinced enough to take on CCNP Enterprise, head on to the Cisco portal and start straight away. Good luck!

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