Kaka Empire signee Bridget Blue Talks Music, Style and Fashion

June 2, 2020

Singer and Kaka Empire signee Bridget Blue talks about her music, fashion and love for make-up.

Why did you decide to get into music?

It was mainly triggered by the need to express myself without feeling judged.

But my love to sing and music in general came first. So, music is a tool I use to put across my feelings and expectations.

Does your love for make-up compliment your music?

In essence, the two complement each other; they go hand-in-hand. I do make-up simply to get ready for content creation, especially when I have shoots for my music videos.

I have a diary where I plan the meetings, shoots and every fashion requirement that needs to be effected.

How would you describe your style?

Simple yet classy. However, I occasionally do like throwing in some drama in some of my looks. It always brings a different, but interesting twist to the whole look.

As far as your style is quite dynamic, you seem to have some bias with colour blue. Why is that?

I consider myself a bubbly person and I just love being happy. To me, colours can express character and different emotions.

So, I use them to bring out my personality. Blue just happens to be a favourite.

I am generally inspired by anything that adds a cheer to my character, and playing around with colours—especially blue—happens to be among them.

To you, is fashion all about looking or feeling good?

Well, for me it’s a little bit of both. I love to stand out in a crowd. I strive to feel good and comfortable while still managing to look presentable and captivating.

Do you have a favourite fashion publication?

Yes. That would be VogueMagazine.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Dungarees.   I’m obsessed with how cute and comfortable they are. They are also quite versatile and easy to style and accessorise. Leather boots are another current favourites.

They never wear out of season and they are also chic. As you can already tell, I’m obsessed with comfort.

What takes most of the space in your wardrobe?

Coats and jackets. Timeless pieces they are.

The most valued item in your closet is?

A dress that my mum passed down to me. I can’t really put a price to it though. It is priceless!

As an artiste, you certainly interact with different people. Who has been the greatest influence to you?

In the course of my career, I’ve met lots of great minds that have opened doors for me or inspired me.

King Kaka, for instance, took me in and has really come through in my journey in music.

Joining Kaka Empire stable has been an awesome experience too, as it has created such an amazing platform for my music career.

The best part is that being in Kaka Empire is more of a family than a business arrangement.

Rapper Octopizzo has really inspired me as well, especially with his fashion sense.

Thus far, what would you say is the biggest challenge in the music industry?

Staying authentic and motivated. Many artistes start out great, but end up settling for less and not reaching their full potential.

And what are the satisfactions of being an artiste?

For me, it’s the interaction and networking with the people in the industry including my fans. You get to inspire and get inspired.

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