Akothee’s Adopted Son Back on his Feet After Getting Prosthetic Leg

June 9, 2020

Akothee could not stop shedding tears of joy after seeing her adopted son, Shadrack Mwita, back on his feet and walking.

Taking to her Instagram account, the philanthropic celebrity musician shared images showing Mwita with a prosthetic leg to aid his movement.

“?????????I don’t know why I am still crying ??. My son @shadrackmwita_akoth is on his feet,” wrote Akothee alongside the images.

Akothee rescued Mwita from the streets in May after learning of his plight; the 18-year-old lost his left leg at the age of 7 in a road accident, where he also lost his mother.

In addition to giving him a wheelchair donated by Babu Owino,  Akothee took him in with her family in Mombasa. Mwita is also undergoing treatment for a rare skin condition.

“After changing his clothes and giving him the wheelchair, I asked him to come shop with me for his households, he said ( there is no need, coz I have no home nor a house, no parents, nor family here, so even the wheelchair will be stolen because I live on the streets ?????, and I eat from hand mouth ??, I became confused, I didn’t know what to do, it was raining already again. I thought of how I cover myself with a warm duvet when it’s cold and switch on the AC when it’s hot, but I still have to wear masks for COVID19 ????? I TOOK SHADRACK MWITA WITH ME. HE WILL EAT WHAT I eat for now until I find a solution. Here is his home for now ??” said Akothee back then.



Since then, the singer with a heart of gold has been attending to Mwita like her own son, accompanying him to his doctor’s appointments and checking in on him regularly.

On his part, Shadrack took to his Instagram account to thank Akothee for changing his life and helping him walk again.

“Nyimbo nimemuimbia mamangu, amenitoa kwa streets, akanifanya mimi Mwita mwana wake, akanipa miguu, mama nikushukuru vipi VIPI lakini ????????” he wrote.

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