3 Basic Powerlifting Exercises: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift

June 3, 2020

Unlike bodybuilding, which focuses on muscular development, powerlifting is a strength-centered sport. It consists of 3 main routines — deadlift, bench press, and squat. These 3 exercises are the most important powerlifting routines.  Therefore, you must be able to be master each of them.

Being a great powerlifter calls for self-discipline and dedication to duty. Set your strength goals and try to achieve them as best as you can. Powerlifting, put in simple terms, means  holding a heavy barbell, and trying to defeat gravity.

While some people dread the sport, powerlifters say that the activity is as simple as lifting things up and putting them down again. In your quest to get stronger through powerlifting, you’ll learn a lot about your body and its power.

The Big 3 Powerlifting Exercises


The powerlifting squat is also known as the mother of all exercises. This stems from the fact that squats build all your muscles, and also puts your entire body strength to the test.

To do a squat, you have to lift the weight (barbell) up your shoulders, go down and lift yourself up again.

In the beginning, squatting with a heavy barbell on your shoulders may feel like you are being crushed to the floor. However, no other kind of lift can truly test your strength and endurance as much as a squat does. So, the struggle is worth the effort.


This is a challenging powerlifting routine where you start from the ground and lift a weight up to about waist level before returning it to the floor.

Here are the steps to follow to do a proper deadlift:

* Stand in front of the barbell. Place your heels about hip-width apart.

* With your legs straight, bend over, and k a firm grip on the bar.

* Keep your knees bent till your shins make contact with the bar.

* Ensure that your chest region is up, and your lower back kept straight.

* Breathe deeply and lift up the barbell.

* Once you reach the end point (at waist level), hold the bar for a short while before lowering it down. Your knees and hips should be locked during the exercise.

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Bench Press

A bench press is a powerlifting exercise where you lie on a bench while lifting a barbell away from his/her body.

Here are the steps to follow when doing a powerlifting bench press.

* Get onto a bench and lie on your back. Your eyes should be facing the barbell above you.

* Raise your hands and grab the barbell.

* Straighten out your arms and lift the barbell from the rack.

* Bring down the barbell to the mid-section of your chest.

* Then lift it up till your arms are straight.

* Once you reach the top, hold the barbell in that position for a second before you lower it back to your chest.

Benefits of Powerlifting Exercises

Here are some benefits of powerlifting.

* Gives you enormous power (strength)

* Burns away your extra fat

* Improves your athletic ability

* Enhances your skeletal health

* Boosts your self-confidence

* Builds your core and improves your posture

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