22-year old General Manager of City Company Promises to fly his 40 employees to Zanzibar Immediately President Uhuru Opens up the Country

June 5, 2020

Kenyans are eagerly waiting for President Uhuru Kenyatta to announce the opening up of the Country.

Since March 21st, President Uhuru Kenyatta locked down parts of the country by announcing travel cessations and also imposing a stringent dawn to dusk curfew.

The harsh measures have seen nightclubs closed, churches empty, mosques abandoned and businesses shut down.

But the most affected area, it seems, is the entertainment sector as more and more Kenyans were forced to abandon their lifestyles, stay away from clubs, drink in their cars or from home, sit in their homes every Friday and Saturday night and, worse, fail to travel for leisure and holidays.

And as the President prepares to make the much-awaited speech, that Kenyans hope will see him open up the country and road and air travel, a pompous City General Manager of one of the Country’s biggest Forex Trading companies has vowed to fly out his entire 40-member employees to Zanzibar for a one week holiday.

Sean Macharia is Kenya’s youngest GM and he has been the brains behind the roaring success of 51 Capital.

Now, the young boss says that he, just like all Kenyans, cannot wait for the Country to be opened up and the first port of call will be idyllic travel destination, Zanzibar.

“Unlike many businesses, we are glad that ours wasn’t affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Because we are largely an online company. But the travel restrictions and other measures have really affected my staff and I think it would be wise to cheer them up and thank them for working even under gloomy times. That’s why I chose Zanzibar, lazima watu wajue Corona imeisha “, Sean said, laughing.

The one-week Zanzibar stay will see the 51 Capital employees bask in the sun, wine and dine, swim in large, blue waters, sight see and make merry all week.

Among the members of his team will be company CEO, Joe Kariuki, Head of Marketing Linet, Head of PR Wangari Njeru, the HR Caro Kimathi and even the company drivers.

Not a bad idea from someone so ambitious.

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