Needy Granny With Eight Children Boils Water for Dinner in Nyandarua County

May 5, 2020

A woman who hails from Kipipiri in Nyandarua county has called upon Kenyans of goodwill to help her 8 kids and grandkids whom she says are staring at starvation.

63-year-old Mary Muthoni, who suffered stroke that rendered her immobile, told Inooro TV on Monday that she boiled water for dinner on Sunday and is unsure of where they will get their next meal.

She said the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficukt for her family members to do menial jobs and are now just at home hoping things get better.

The family has also been unable to get access to face masks to guard against COVID-19, with some of her grandkids wearing masks made from cartons and sacks.

Citizen reported Monday that the woman is yet to get the government allowance set aside for needy and vulnerable Kenyans.

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