Murkomen Slams “Militarisation” of Nairobi County

May 7, 2020

Vocal lawmaker Kipchumba Murkomen has opposed the deployment of military officers to Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS).

This week, the Kenya Defence Council, the apex body of the Kenya Defence Forces, approved the secondment of six military officers to join NMS Director General Major General Mohammed Badi’s administration for two years.

The army men include Brig F Leuria, Maj JV Mbithi, Maj AN Nyakundi, Maj JK Njoroge from the Kenya Army, Lt JK Biomdo and Maj AL Musoma from the Kenya Air Force.

The officers are expected to help Maj Gen streamline the city that has been going to the dogs under the corruption-ridden administrations of governors Mike Sonko and formerly Evans Kidero.

NMS seeks to among other things, weed out corruption, instill discipline among errant county askaris and kick out the infamous cartels from City Hall.

But the establishment of the NMS and the subsequent approval of the officers continues to face opposition from not only Sonko but from activists and politicians.

During the Senate proceeding on Tuesday, the Senate Majority Leader Murkomen claimed Nairobi has been turned into a military barrack.

According to the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, the move has deprived Nairobians of their democracy.

“The militarisation of a civilian county government is the worst form of violation and overturn of our Constitution. Nairobi County has been militarized. It is no longer a civilian government…something that I would never have imagined when we passed the Constitution of Kenya 2010,” Murkomen lamented.

“It is a shock that active military men who are supposed to operate in barracks and borders of Kenya are running a civilian government and yet this House is sitting here ululating and clapping.”

Murkomen further warned his fellow senators to restore the rule of law and not to celebrate the “militarisation” of Nairobi as they could also fall victim once they become governors in future elections.

“You may be happy with transfer of functions to NMS but as long as you will continue bringing questions here against military men, their place of trial is at the court martial and not public courts and therefore we must fight for the core of management of Nairobi in a manner that is responsive to our Constitution and civilian rule,” added Murkomen.

“You may not agree with the leadership of Nairobi at the moment but tomorrow when you will be governors and a worst president will be in office, all your counties will be militarized and functions taken over.”

“What the hell is happening in this country … the authority of the Senate and the authority of the Parliament must be restored. National Assembly must be restored,” he said.

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