Chief Caught Pants Down Defiling Minor in His Car During Curfew

May 7, 2020

A chief in Bomet county was Tuesday caught red-handed defiling a minor in his car during curfew hours.

Mr David Langat, the administrator of Mogogosiek location, was found with a 15-year-old Form One student inside his Toyota Corolla at a garage at around 8 pm.

A member of the public tipped off officers of the unfolding incident, with the Police Commander and the Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) rushing to the scene to catch him in the act.

The 59-year-old chief was then frog-marched to the local police station where he is currently locked up awaiting his day in court.

Alex Shikondi, Mogogosiek Sub-county Police Commander, said the minor had been placed under protection and taken to hospital for a check-up.

The Chief’s Corolla station wagon KAY 514H was towed to a local police station.

The incident occurred at Mogogosiek trading centre in Konoin Constituency an hour after the nationwide curfew which the chief is required to help impose.

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